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Today was vocabulary day at school! Audrey was dazzling! Lots of fun!!


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ready and waiting!

We have made it to Gainesville and now we are just waiting for the game! The anticipation really is half of the excitement! Can’t wait to see Tebow out there leading the charge against Tennessee — these are the weekends we live for!


See you on the other side!

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You know you’re big…

when you get your sister’s iPod (all by yourself), bring it downstairs (all by yourself), actually get it on your head (all by yourself), and get it to play something (all by yourself)!! Holy cow — I could not stop laughing when Hill just showed up Saturday morning jamming to Elmo’s Word on the Street! He was SOOO proud of himself!! (I was too actually!)





So I guess I am going to have to give in to the fact that EVERYONE is getting big at my house! Especially if you look at it from this perspective!

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Birthday pics as promised!!

Here are just a few of the many taken on Audrey’s birthday! I think the girls (and brothers) had a great time!!







This was our first pinata experience!



See! I told you we had a great time!

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Happy Birthday Audrey!

She is SIX! It really is impossible for me to wrap my head around and yet it happened, right before our eyes!

The birthday fairy came!

The school lunch, and snack, and song and dance came!

The party of SIX girls (and two little brothers who will be there whether you like it or NOT!) came!

The teacher came (to the party! and jumped into the pool with the girls, fully clothed!!)

The dance class came!

And then bedtime came!

It was a blur — but she is OFFICIALLY SIX!

(before she went to sleep she said, no lie, “Next year, I’ll be seven you know!”)

and with that we begin a new journey — forget SIX — we are on the countdown to SEVEN!!

pee ess: pictures are still on the camera — coming soon!

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