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I can’t tell you just how busy the first week of school is for a teacher, but being new to this again and being in a new place and starting all over seems really monumental, AND THEN add on the first experience as a school “parent”! Man — I really can’t keep up! But Audrey — man she hasn’t missed a beat!! She thinks school is the absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread — so my independent little miss has taken kindergarten by storm (and I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way!) Now if we can just get the tennis shoes on ON the RIGHT DAY!!

Here are some photos from the first day!!






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H&K’s Wedding

August 22nd finally arrived and this sweet couple got married! We have been waiting for this day for so long and finally it arrived and the Lord spared us the rain for one sweet afternoon so we could ship these two off in style! Everything was so beautiful and the day was filled with many small blessings, just as I am certain their lives together will be!







Thanks for letting me and my crew be a part of your perfect day! We love you two!!

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The List – Revisited!

I really haven’t thought about this list in a while and the other day my sister asked how it was going — so I decided to revisit the list before we get into the swing of school so that I’d have an idea of what else needed to happen before October! I was pretty excited to see that quite a bit of my list is ready to be checked off!!

So here is my original post from Jan.1, 2009.

Happy New Year!! We rang in the new year very quietly last night right here at home after putting the kids to bed. My little guys are going to wake up at dawn no matter what we do — so we don’t stay up late. Will actually wanted to get up and hunt this morning so we’ll do our celebrating today at lunch! I am not one for New Year’s resolutions — so this year I thought I would make a simple check off list — I am going to do 33 things before I turn 33. Here they are:

1. Finish one scrapbook a page per child per month (3 “Photos I Love” Albums) in progress!

2. Take my vitamins (everyday!!) not happening

3. Fill every frame in my house (I hang a lot of empty ones when I find them on sale – weird, I know!)

4. Eat at Tubby’s Tankhouse (in Savannah)

5. Drink lots more water check!

6. Sign the kids up for T-Ball Audrey was the only one old enough! She was on the Kiwanis club team!


7. Send my oldest off to Kindergarten (without too many tears) next Monday, my friends, Monday!

8. Eat candlelight dinners at home We had Pioneer Woman’s steak and smashed potatoes and apple dumplings, on our wedding china! It was delicious and Audrey loved it!! (no pictures though — so we’ll have to do it again!)

9. Go with my sisters and mom without the kids to do something girly — My sister and I went to Atlanta for Scrap Etc.


10. Read a book on the beach I read ‘A House for Hermit Crab’ which is a picture book to the kids — not exactly what I originally had in mind — when the kids are bigger I might get to enjoy something on my own level!

11. Finish three quilts — I made a couple for Etsy and the one for the 4th — I have some others in progress — so this should happen!

12. Take a photography class — I took Alison Tyler-Jones ‘Art That Happens to be Your Life’! It was fabulous!!

13. Celebrate my baby’s first birthday hill's1stbday1

14. Read the Bible in a Year (this will take until the end of the year — but I will do it!) still working on this!

15. Send a birthday card to EVERYONE in the family — not happening!

16. Read Charlotte’s Web out loud to Audrey

17. Call my sister more check!

18. Eat at the Melting Pot check!

19. Teach a class at the quilt shoppe check, check, check!

20. Do the photography for a wedding SATURDAY!! I can’t believe it is this SATURDAY!!

21. Hang shelves in my bathroom

22. Add a tally to the win column for Tiger football — Spring 2009!!

23. Find a great bargain check!

24. Put marshmallow fondant on a cake check!

25. Teach Cray to swim –more to come here!

26. Get flannel Christmas sheets for every bed in the house — check!

27. Move the crib out

28. Learn to make homemade biscuits

29. Use the manual setting on my camera regularly check!

30. Start a Bible study at church check!

31. Take pictures of Hill’s first steps check!


32. Teach Audrey to read — more to come!

33. Celebrate something little everyday — CHECK!! ¬†There is so much to be thankful for — we are so blessed!! At our house we enjoy the little things!!

So I have a few more things to master — and a couple of months to go!! This list thing is really working out! Do you really thing Will is going to take me to Savannah before Oct? It’s all for the sake of the list, right?!

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Officially ending?

I don’t think I really want to admit that summer is officially over. Teachers go back to work today and so I guess that marks some official changes in our lives for sure. I am headed back into the classroom for the first time after being at home for a while and while teaching makes me happy (and is my calling by God) I am certainly sad not to be able to do those same stay-at-home things I have done for so long! I thought I’d add a little tribute to our fabulous summer fun on the way out!


Will and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary in New Orleans.


We took the crew to a couple of 3D movies to beat the FL heat.


We celebrated the 4th with family (that’s Rex), food, and fireworks!




We decided to embrace the heat and find the water!




Finally, we had a walk-on take up residence with us! We are happy to announce the arrival of Coffee Bean — referred to around the house as Bean.

So for us it is officially time to wish the summer well and welcome our first school days! Audrey is starting kindergarten! We’ll be back with some “First Day” photos!

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