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I mean surely Christmas pictures in January aren’t that big of a deal right –and since  it is two hours before January 09 comes crashing to an end! Which means… I still have time! {smiles!} 

I have been crucified lately for the lack of child photography here on my blog! I mean who really wants to see quilts when there are kiddos around? So these are SADLY the last photos I have taken of the kids. I publicly promise to have the camera out and about in February (we have a first birthday and possibly some first steps coming!) so that you can endure the “season of love” as it happens here!! 

Until then — I hope this will give a few of you a fix!












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We I know I haven’t been blogging near as much as I used to! It really is hard to know where the time goes, but last Saturday I taught another class at the quilt shoppe (my quilt from that class is at the shoppe, so I’ll take pictures when I get it back) and I was trying to get this quilt finished before I went. I picked out this pattern from my mom’s stash because she gave me a jelly roll (a roll of cut fabric in lots of cool matching colors) for Christmas. I went to the shop to get a little fabric to add to the jelly roll and Melanie, the shoppe owner, wanted me to make one for her too! So I made TWO of these in the same week, so it will be ready for a Valentine’s Day class!






All the fabric here is from the Shangri-la line for Moda and the pattern is called Heart & Home “Quilt of the Month” by Design Originals.

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This weekend Will took me on a little overnight getaway! We normally do something over MLK weekend because football is over and he has a day off! So he made reservations at the Melting Pot (#18 on the list!) and we dined kid free for almost three hours even during NFL Championship weekend! Thanks to all who helped keep kids and shuffle kids and feed kids and sleep kids while we enjoyed much needed R&R!! I even got to do my Bible study all ALONE!! I love my man — and I am so thankful he loves me!!

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A Little “Pick Me Up”

So I heard through the grapevine that one of my favorite sister-in-laws was a little down yesterday! And my in-laws are heading over there this afternoon to see the new baby furniture, so I thought I’d send this along with them to make her smile! She is a huge fan of cupcakes! We had to find the best cupcake stores and walk extra miles to find some in New York, so Melissa I hope this satisfies just a small craving! I even did purple!


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Well here it is — the first item I can check off my list! Marshmallow fondant! I did it by just following a simple moist yellow cake recipe from Bakerella’s website and then I made the marshmallow fondant from the Diary of a Cake Stylist and they both turned out okay!! I don’t think you ever have to worry about me trying this again, but I am glad I did it once! I can’t begin to explain the mess that takes place when you do this!! This stuff is sticky and everything needs powdered sugar (which goes everywhere)! Did I mention the mess? I still have blue under my fingernails! I will continue to rely on my very favorite and EXTREMELY talented (I am telling you I will never take this whole art for granted again!) cake gal, Herrika



I want to apologize for the poor pictures — I didn’t get a chance to take this outside to photograph it since it is dark by 4:30 here, so the lighting is terrible! (One more reason not to do cakes — food photography is HARD!)

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Just have to come on and post to say: Way to Go, Gators!! Our defense played amazing!! I can’t believe we came out on top after a season full of injuries and obstacles!! I am so thankful that we named our youngest son with Tim Tebow in mind — he is an amazing person! It’s definitely great to be a Florida Gator!!

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My List

Happy New Year!! We rang in the new year very quietly last night right here at home after putting the kids to bed. My little guys are going to wake up at dawn no matter what we do — so we don’t stay up late. Will actually wanted to get up and hunt this morning so we’ll do our celebrating today at lunch! I am not one for New Year’s resolutions — so this year I thought I would make a simple check off list — I am going to do 33 things before I turn 33. Here they are:

1. Finish one scrapbook a page per child per month (3 “Photos I Love” Albums)

2. Take my vitamins (everyday!!)

3. Fill every frame in my house (I hang a lot of empty ones when I find them on sale – weird, I know!)

4. Eat at Tubby’s Tankhouse (in Savannah)

5. Drink lots more water 

6. Sign the kids up for T-Ball

7. Send my oldest off to Kindergarten (without too many tears)

8. Eat candlelight dinners at home 

9. Go with my sisters and mom without the kids to do something girly

10. Read a book on the beach

11. Finish three quilts

12. Take a photography class

13. Celebrate my baby’s first birthday

14. Read the Bible in a Year (this will take until the end of the year — but I will do it!)

15. Send a birthday card to EVERYONE in the family

16. Read Charlotte’s Web out loud to Audrey

17. Call my sister more

18. Eat at the Melting Pot 

19. Teach a class at the quilt shoppe

20. Do the photography for a wedding

21. Hang shelves in my bathroom

22. Add a tally to the win column for Tiger football

23. Find a great bargain

24. Put marshmallow fondant on a cake

25. Teach Cray to swim

26. Get flannel Christmas sheets for every bed in the house

27. Move the crib out

28. Learn to make homemade biscuits

29. Use the manual setting on my camera regularly

30. Start a Bible study at church

31. Take pictures of Hill’s first steps

32. Teach Audrey to read 

33. Celebrate something little everyday

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