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Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to drop in and say Happy Halloween!! We’ve got a busy day with the Fall Festival at school, the class party, and a ball game tonight! Maybe the Tigers can pull one out — you know ANYTHING can happen on Halloween!!

Thanks for looking! Have a fun and safe day!!


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KWernerDesign Challenge

I haven’t done one of these challenges in a WHILE!! Kristina puts up a color challenge on her blog almost weekly! This was her challenge for this week…


and here is what I came up with! This is for one of Will’s aunt’s who is in the nursing home, so I thought a little Ghirardelli chocolate squares and some fun colors would be right up her ally! The kids BEG to go see her, so it’s on the list of To DO’s for tomorrow!

Most everything is SU: Sage Shadow CS, Whisper White CS, Pumpkin Pie CS, PP (I can’t remember the name), Ruby Red ink,  Pumpkin Pie Felt Flower, Pumpkin Pie Ribbon, 1/4″ hole punch, mat pack, and all stamps. The only thing that isn’t SU is the button and it is just an extra off of one of the kid’s shirts!

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Back home for a while!!

Man —  vacations are great, but there is something entirely wonderful about sleeping in your own bed after a little time away! I am so glad to be back home and starting up the routine again. (I wouldn’t have said that this morning when I was getting the crew up and to school, but now that we are napping on schedule again things feel great.) All morning I have been babysitting my freshly poured concrete to keep the ducks from leaving their prints forever! I mean it is cool in the Bass Pro Shops but not quite the decor I was trying to achieve here at home!! I also have been washing laundry from the days away and working on a fun little quilt for my house for fall! 

So here is what you all came to see anyway — pictures from Disney!!

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Always behind…

I feel like I just can’t keep up! Where did October go? or really September for that matter?? I can’t believe that it is really only 63 days until Christmas — and that is just skipping over our trip home for the holidays, Thanksgiving, New York, Halloween, everything!! I have so much to do — I want to make something for everyone for Christmas especially my sisters and my mom. I need to get together about 100 Christmas cards — that is huge when you think about pictures and design, addresses, labels, etc. And to add to all of that this is what I drove up to last night (I waited until this morning for pictures so that you could see better!)

I just have to see the blessing in having a new porch that will keep water from leaking into the house EVERY time it rains!! Let me know your to do list before Christmas!

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Pulled from the archives!

We are headed to Disney! We decided a long time ago that because fall break fell during the open week we would take the kids to Disney — and then we found out that they are having a Halloween spectacular while we’ll be there! So tomorrow night we will trick-or-treat throughout the Magic Kingdom. This will be Hill’s first time so in his honor I found photos from some of Cray and Audrey’s first trips to share with you! Just to get us all excited!!

Yes, this tiny baby was just three weeks old and nursing and we were crazy! I know! 

My sisters and I took as many kids as we had at the time one year all together! It seems like a lot of kids but know we have 5 more in the bunch so this was relatively calm!!

They asked if they could use these photos in advertising because Cray was such great model with the characters!!   Please don’t hold photo quality against me here! These pictures are from a while ago and everything is MOVING at Disney!!

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At the Apple Orchard

We took a long scenic trip to the apple orchard yesterday! It was gorgeous all the way there and all the way back! We found a u-pick apple orchard to play in. The kids and granddaddy all loved it! They ate an apple off of every tree while we were in there and then wouldn’t eat supper!! Here are just three shots.

Hill was so funny — smiling and laughing at everyone! I caught granddaddy giving him one — it is tough to eat an apple without front teeth, but he sure made the attempt!

Audrey was over a couple of rows from us and then all of sudden she appears with these apples in her dress! She picked too many to carry so this was her transport method back to me! Too cute!

Cray picked this apple first and then ate it until it was gone without another care to pick another one! I thought that was so funny and so different from his sister! I finally had to take the apple away and MAKE him pick some other ones so I could get more pictures of him!!

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Pumpkin Patch

We found a pumpkin patch during our travels yesterday!! We are having such a great time! I love finding fun in God’s creation!! We don’t need malls and money, etc to go out and enjoy the world He gave us!! Truly a gift to “play” with kids!!

Let me know your favorite! (not kid — PICTURE!! :-))

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