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I guess it is just normal for folks who like to make things to believe they NEED to try to make LOTS of things! I know my mom has been through a painting era, a clothes sewing era, a card making era, etc. I guess that’s why she has the ‘closet of envy’. She can pull ANYTHING and I do mean anything out of this closet she has — there is literally NOTHING we’ve ever tried to make that she doesn’t have the exact tool or perfect solution for in this closet. Anyway, back to me, I have dipped my hands in quilting and basket-weaving, scrapping and card-making, but I’ve have always loved knitting! I have never tried it, maybe because we have no cold weather here, maybe because I can’t remember my mom doing it, whatever the reason I have been interested in it for awhile and haven’t known anyone who could teach me! Well I finally found a teacher when I spotted the basket of yarn in the corner of my friend’s room!! Excitedly I went and bought some yarn and she got me going on these simple toboggans for our trip to New York City later this year! I can’t believe how simple and fast and fun these little noggin warmers were — I think we’ll all have a different hat for every day that we are there!


ps — Will took the pictures! Just wanted to give credit where credit is due!


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Saturday’s can be tough!

After a devastating loss last night, we woke up this morning feeling unmotivated so I decided to discipline myself — nothing creative until the laundry and cleaning get through! YUCK!! So after four loads of laundry, sheet changes for every bed, taking out the garbage, window washing (four sets of sliding glass doors=torture), sinks and toilets, and a quick emptying of the dishwasher I made egg salad (at Will’s request) for lunch and put the kids down for nap! And then I ran to the sewing machine and finished this!

Good thing it was super quick and easy, because after the Gators lost too we decided only comfort food would help — so we ran out to one our favorite restaurants for steak and lobster and delicious grilled bay shrimp! So I worked on something else while in the car that I finished tonight during the Alabama upset, I’ll have to post pics of that tomorrow! (I think without a sewing machine I could very possibly HATE football! Probably not — it’s just that today’s not a very good day to talk about it with me!)

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Tonight is a playoff game — it’s time for a win! Let’s go Tigers!


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Thursday’s: Be Inspired

I have been telling my sister Sara all about Etsy, an online community where only hand crafted items can be sold. She of course went in and checked around and loved the idea!! I also love the place — and find tons of inspiration there! One of my favorite tools they have is sorting by color (they do it for you) with just a simple click. So since I love it, and my sister Sara loves it, I thought I’d share with you and hope you love it!! I chose to start with brown — what can I say it’s my favorite color!

Uzura’s Fern Bag

Fategoddess’ Crawler Warmers

Savor’s Pecan Pie Olive Oil Soap

Barbaralewis’s Circles on a Donut Necklace

Quiltbaby’s Chocolate Owls Wall Hanging

Boygirlboygirldesign’s Hand Painted Tool Shirt

SarahLamont’s Child’s Knitted Hat

JDWolfePottery’s Tall Polka Dotted Coffee Cup

Blisscandles’ Caramel Cappuccino Candle

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In Love…

Yesterday was a crazy day! The boys and I headed down to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s for a little crafting/fabric excitement while Audrey Lou was in school. Hopefully we’ll have projects to show soon. Then I threw everyone in bed for a quick nap so we could head out to Kevin’s farm (Cray’s paradise of tractors and trailers, machinery extravaganza!) to take the first set  of pictures for these two who recently got engaged! On the way to pick them up this was the conversation:

Audrey: What are they going to look like?

Me: I don’t know I guess they’ll look good — like they got ready for pictures.

Audrey: But what are they going to “look” like? 

Me: I guess they’ll look in love!

5 minutes pass…

Audrey: Mama, what does “in love” look like?

SO here it is this is what “in love” looked like last night!



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Saturday Morning

Here is what we did this morning, before we beat Tennessee and ate with Grandma and played with laundry!

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this weather is fabulous!

Can I just say I called my mom (who lives down south) and told her my kids said it was “cold” when we went outside this morning!! I laughed and said, “guys — this is not cold, this is REFRESHING!” LOL!! It was a beautiful 65 degrees as we loaded into the car! Man that sure beats the dog days of summer!! I even washed the lovebugs off my car just so that I could be outside!! So when we got home from school today I wanted to just let the wind blow through our hair and ride on the buggy a bit, and reluctantly I grabbed the wagon (Cray was begging) and my camera (he was not begging) and we headed off to take a couple of shots in the cotton field! Well when we got there the grass was so tall that Audrey immediately said “what about the snakes?” Needless to say not a one of us was brave enough to get over to the cotton, so we just pulled Hill around in the wagon on the road! Here is what I got! I am so glad I grabbed the camera!



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