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It’s Game Day!

We are all geared up for the our first game! Tonight our daddy debuts at PSJ for the opening season classic! Wish us luck!

Go Tigers!! 


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Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Just thought we’d pop in to say Happy Birthday Grandma!! Audrey’s first question was “how old are you?” When do kids ever learn to just eat the cake and be happy? Anyway we went down to Panama City for a little shopping at Target and Hobby Lobby then we took her home so she could nap and later tonight we are cooking dinner for her!! The photos we had printed for her at Wal-Mart did not turn out that great and we didn’t get the index print so that we could put her pictures in her Brighton bracelet and slide we got her! So Grandma we’re hoping you celebrate for a week or so while we get all our things in order and finally get them all to you!! Happy Birthday with tons of love!!

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Today’s Inspiration

So this morning I went over to a friend’s house to talk photography!! Does it really get any better than that? We had a great time and some GREAT croutons!! Anyway she inspired me to come home and SHOOT!! I flipped the camera to manual (definitely, a scary move) and just let the kids play on the porch with an umbrella!! SOOO glad I did! Here are the results! 

This last one is my favorite!! I guess because I love those little toes and what they were doing when I took it and the TRUE laughing that was going on!! They were uncontrollable and it made my heart smile!! Love when that happens!

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A Key Lime Crop

Yesterday at Big Picture Scrapbooking Key Lime Crops held a 30 hour online crop for scrapbookers!! I was plenty leery about how it would all work online, but it definitely turned out to be pretty cool. Every hour we had different challenges and or chats or games. For the week leading up to the event they offered two make and takes per day as well. They gave away tons of prizes and seats in different upcoming Big Picture Scrapbooking classes!! Ultimately the best thing was that I did scrap a little!! Here are a few of the pages I made! 

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I guess maybe I was a little out of it when we got home from taking the pictures in the tires! I am not going to try to make excuses but before we even had Hill-man out of the car seat Cray had already gotten into an ant bed and been bitten over 20 times. Then Hill started fussing when we changed their clothes. Audrey Lou was not as cooperative as hoped and kept asking after every shot if she could have her treat (yes, the one for being cooperative and smiling on cue and all around just helping out — she should NOT have gotten a treat!) all the while sweating to an immense degree in the August heat here in the great sunshine state! Oh and did I mention we had them in white and those tires were FILTHY and we kept trying to get them to look natural WITHOUT touching them! LOL! Now it seems a miracle we even turned the cameras on actually — so needless to say when we got home I thought they were the absolute worst pictures I had ever tried to take! I will still rank the experience (did I mention it was HOT!!) as one of the worst behind the camera — don’t call Family Services yet — I promised the kiddos I would not ever work that hard for a natural shot again!! Now that it has been a couple of weeks I looked through the photos again and began editing and fell in love with some! Thanks for looking!

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Things from last weekend

My parents came up last weekend!! To celebrate my mom and I took all of the kiddos to the quilt shop! We bought a little bit of fabric and made the dress for the first day of school. Then she and dad went on to MS for a few miserable days in the rain (no fishing as planned). By the time they got back I had a list made and we trooped up the the quilt shop again! Here are some of the things we made while she was here!! (thanks for all the help mom!)


So this is the first little contraption we made! It holds matchbox cars (which we have to take everywhere!) We designed it to also hold trailers and boats since those are the real staples that we HAVE to have at all times!! He loves it!! 


Here is the “you made something for Cray, so what are you going to make for me?” answer (as if the dress for school was not for her). We made a cover for a composition book and then this little pencil/crayon holder!! All to fit in the diaper bag or to take to church Sunday nights when she comes into the sanctuary with us! 

We also made this cool diaper bag and blanket for Hill, but it is being monogramed by this friend of mine! So I will have to share those with you when I get the back!!

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My girlie is only four and we have already had three first days of school!! She LOVES it and so this year even with me staying at home she begged and I gave in to taking her to the half day VPK program for kids who miss the cut off for Kindergarten by ten, YES, 10 days!! (well, it is not really just for those of us that miss the cut off, but thank God they have it for folks like Audrey who just can’t wait a whole year for school!!) So I had this big plan to show you all the first days of school from the past and I have located the photo from her 3K year, but through all the moves and chaos and pregnancies, I can’t for the life of me find the picture from last year!! I have searched the house over and WILL (that is a promise) come up with it — but not tonight! So here is the first day of school from 2006 and then today!! She had a blast!


Here is what she took to the sweet teachers!!

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