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Finally Easter Fun

We had a blast this Easter!! My girlie is finally old enough to find the excitement in the Easter Bunny — but even cooler is that she can explain that Jesus died for us!! I just love that!! I love getting the kids clothes together and seeing my little guy in all of these big boys clothes — he looks so SHARP!easter07.jpg



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For Sally!

My sister is my accountant — and a Godsend! She is feverishly working to complete these “extra” days — I mean what is the world coming to when they add two extra days to these poor soles who have been working like crazy and missing their families for the sake of the Fed Gov! I think Apr 15 is Apr 15th you know and everyone should have their stuff done by now! Anyway I say all of that to say — the only thing my sister has asked me for in a while is an update on this blog — between the move and spring break and football starting and me staying at home getting time on this computer is a real exception!! So I am here to say THANKS to Sally for doing our taxes (with a refund!!) and to add some picks so she has something to escape to for a couple of minutes while she is at the office on Sunday!!

Thanks Sally

Here is my nephew with a slot Snook — his first. We were all together for Spring Break and he is the oldest and most interested in fishing with Papa!! So he was one proud kid when he pulled this out on the dock to show the rest of his cousins!


Another rarity is having all twelve cousins together for a picture — so many times over the past couple of years we have wanted to snap a photo of the whole group and we look around to realize that one is sleeping or eating or just gone with one of the daddy’s and we don’t get everybody. But on this day we got a picture Papa is proud of (and I think the little guys will cherish it in years to come too)!


So okay this does give me the bug to get back to doing this regularly!! Thanks for that too Sally! I love you!

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