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Today I spent the whole day switching over services (cable, phone, electric, etc) — what a drag. I always put this stuff off — but it always has to get done — so I finally just did it — and now things are definitely much better. The move is Sat. I can’t believe it — I packed boxes tonight and probably still should be — there is always just one more thing that doesn’t fit into the box! I think my favorite thing through all of this is realizing that we never need as many material things as we have and that it feels good to give things away. I also enjoy knowing that no matter how much stress or paic or whatever we go through the one thing that will be constant is that next Monday will be here equally as fast as it would have been otherwise and we will be through the hardest part! TIME is always constant!

Here is my photo of something that makes my life easier:


providing hours of entertainment — this is the object of his affection! Allowing me to go and be productive — amazing huh?


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Here I am!

i am not dead

i have not runaway

i have not enlisted in the peace corps

I am still here. The past month or two have been really crazy for me. Starting with a wild interview and ending with a move back to the place where we started! It is all coming full circle — and seems to be working for us! We have, in the meantime, made lots of major decisions about life, money, jobs, houses (buying and selling), the kiddos, and whatever else I might have missed.

So our POTD challenge for this week is photographing something that makes my life easier —


here he is! My husband makes my life easier — we have been without him now for 5 days and during that time I have shown the house (twice), entertained guests, dealt with an infant with strep throat AND scarlet fever, and made it to work most of the time! Life is MUCH easier when he is here!!

As a side — a dear friend of mine called me up tonight and invited me to Scrap Etc Event 2007!! I am going to scrap for three days straight (thanks to Grandma for watching the kids) and just enjoy life at an event that I am soooo excited about! Can’t wait for this — let the countdown begin!

And one more thing — Heidi Swapp’s A Year To Remember Class asked us to complete a Feb LO based on the ones we love — here is mine! I definitely don’t tell these guys I love them enough! I am working on that!


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