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The Pet Store!


Okay so I am leaving the water for a day to show you our trip to the pet store!! As most of you know we are moving soon and I thought we might be able to entertain the idea of a dog if our new house has a yard. So at the pet store these cute little chocolate beagles were there and so we took them out and actually got to touch them in the little cube!! So Audrey is sitting there telling me how much she loved the dog and how as soon as we have the fence we are coming back to get it — when he pee peed on her!! It was the funniest thing LOL!! She opened the door marched that dog out to the salesman and informed him that we would not be buying that dog –“thank you very much!” I was wondering how we were going to get Audrey out of there without that dog — God has a funny way of intervening!!



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In the Tub


So last night I got motivated to try the water pics in the tub! My girlie just kept spitting the water and my poor son just kept being the target — he would just die laughing after she got him!! Lots of fun!!spitting.jpg

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Finally in a tutu

I have been coveting the tutu photos on two peas for a while and finally got around to doing some myself!! I am really happy with the way the tutu came out and I love the photos!! I might actually take the plunge and get one of these printed REALLY BIG!!intutu2.jpgtutu3.jpgtutu1.jpg

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More from Lake Ella

It is just my luck that a carry over from yesterday’s “hometown” excursion included water and so therefore can add it today and be in the theme and everything!!fountainle.jpg

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She loves him — LOTS

 This is one of those moments that is too good to miss!! We went out to Lake Ella today and were feeding the ducks and walking around passing time! So relaxing and so fun — thought I was going to add a photo of the lake for you all to see a part of the hometown — instead I captured this shot and  it made my day!!


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our water tower

Here is some more of Tallahassee — the watertower!! I took this as a drive by shooting going 65 down the interstate!! It is amazing what good cameras can do!!


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The Capital

I did say I was going to get a photo of the capital building up!! Here it is — Florida’s capital!


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